Functional Imaging and Functional Psychopathology: An Introductory Chapter

  • Kurt Audenaert
  • Andreas Otte
  • Kathelijne Peremans
  • C. van Heeringen
  • Rudi Dierckx


During the first decades of the twentieth century, the work of Freud was founding the basis for our insights on the processes of mental life. But most important of all, as is stated by Kandel, the Nobel medicine laureate in 2000, it offered us concepts to understand the irrationality of human motivation (Kandel 1999). Indeed, Freud’s work still represents the most exciting and intellectually satisfying view of the mind. In his early writings, Freud, already in 1920, argued that biology was not advanced enough to be helpful to psychoanalysis at that time and that it was premature to bring the two together. However, he expected physiology and chemistry “to be of a kind that will blow away the whole of our artificial structure of hypothesis” (Freud 1975; Kandel 1999).


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  • Andreas Otte
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  • Kathelijne Peremans
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  • C. van Heeringen
  • Rudi Dierckx
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  2. 2.Division of Nuclear MedicineUniversity Hospital GhentGentBelgium
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