Online System Identification and Prediction

  • Edwin Lughofer
Part of the Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing book series (STUDFUZZ, volume 266)


This chapter is the first one in the sequence of four chapters demonstrating real-world applications of evolving fuzzy systems. Starting with a generic on-line system identification strategy in multi-channel measurement systems (Section 7.1), it deals with concrete on-line identification and prediction scenarios in different industrial processes, namely:
  • System identification at engine test benches (Section 7.1.2)

  • Prediction of NOx emissions for engines (Section 7.2)

  • Prediction of resistance values at rolling mills (Section 7.3)

As such, it should clearly underline the usefulness of on-line modelling with evolving fuzzy systems in practical usage (industrial systems). This is completed by two classical non-linear system identification problems, for which several EFS approaches are compared. Also, there will be a comparison of evolving fuzzy systems 1.) with off-line trained fuzzy models kept static during the whole on-line process and 2.) with an alternative re-training of fuzzy systems by batch modelling approaches during on-line mode. One major result of this comparison will be that re-training is not fast enough in order to cope with real-time demands. Another one is that off-line trained models from some pre-collected data can be significantly improved in terms of accuracy when adapting and evolving them further during on-line mode. In case of predicting NOx emissions, EFS could outperform physical-oriented models in terms of predictive accuracy in model outputs.


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