In this paper a low-voltage integrator circuit using MOSFETs in sub-threshold region is presented. This integrator is a Current-mode log-domain circuit. The EKV MOSFET model is used for sub-threshold region simulations. Model parameters of IBM CMOS 130nm technology are used. This integrator works with a 500mv single supply voltage and its input current range is as high as bias current of the input transistor. According to CADENCE simulation results for 1pf integrating capacitor and bias current of 20nA, cutoff frequency is 113.4 KHz and power consumption is 45.44nW. Integrator’s Cutoff frequency is tuned from 1.083 KHz to 1.023MHz using variable integrator capacitor value in the range of 10pf-0.1pf.


Nonlinear electronics Sub-threshold CMOS Log-domain Integrator Companding method low voltage low power 


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  1. 1.Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept., George Vari Engineering and Computing CenterRyerson UniversityTorontoCanada

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