Polyfluorinated Compounds in the Coastal and Marine Atmosphere

  • Annika JahnkeEmail author
  • Ralf Ebinghaus


Per- and polyfluorinated compounds (PFCs) comprise a large group of chemicals, consisting of a hydrophobic alkyl chain and usually possessing a hydrophilic functional group. The alkyl chain is partly or fully fluorinated and typically contains between 4 and 18 carbon atoms (De Voogt and Saez 2006). Therefore, PFCs are both oleophobic and hydrophobic and form strong surfactants. PFCs comprise ionic compounds like perfluoroalkyl sulfonates (including perfluorooctane sulfonate, PFOS) and perfluoroalkyl carboxylates (PFCAs including perfluorooctanoate, PFOA, Table 11.1) as well as neutral, volatile PFCs like fluorotelomer alcohols (FTOHs), N-alkylated fluorooctane sulfonamides (FOSAs) and sulfonamidoethanols (FOSEs, Table 11.2).


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