Distributed SQL Queries with BubbleStorm

  • Christof Leng
  • Wesley W. Terpstra
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Current peer-to-peer (p2p) systems place the burden of application-level query execution on the application developer. Not only do application developers lack the expertise to implement good distributed algorithms, but this approach also limits the ability of overlay architects to apply future optimizations. The analogous problem for data management was solved by the introduction of SQL, a high-level query language for application development and amenable to optimization.

This paper attempts to bridge the gap between current access-oriented p2p systems and relational database management systems (DBMS). We outline how to implement every relational operator needed for SQL queries in the BubbleStorm peer-to-peer overlay. The components of BubbleStorm map surprisingly well to components in a traditional DBMS.


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  • Christof Leng
    • 1
  • Wesley W. Terpstra
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  1. 1.Databases and Distributed SystemsTechnische Universität DarmstadtGermany

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