Sensing and MEMS Devices in Thin-Film SOI MOS Technology

  • J.-P. RaskinEmail author
  • L. Francis
  • D. Flandre
Part of the Engineering Materials book series (ENG.MAT.)


Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) technology is emerging as a major contender for heterogeneous microsystems applications. In this work, we demonstrate the advantages of SOI technology for building thin-film field-effect biosensors and optical detectors, physical and chemical sensors on thin dielectric membrane as well as three-dimensional (3D) microelectromechanical (MEMS) sensors and actuators. The flatness and robustness of the thin membrane as well as the self-assembling of 3D microstructures rely on the chemical release of the microstructures and on the control of the residual stresses building up in multilayered structures undergoing a complete thermal process. The deflection of multilayered structures made of both elastic and plastic thin films results from the thermal expansion coefficient mismatches between the layers and from the plastic flow of a metallic layer. The proposed CMOS-compatible fabrication processes were successfully applied to suspended sensors on thin dielectric membranes such as gas-composition, gas-flow and pressure sensors and to 3D self-assembled microstructures such as thermal and flow sensors.


Gate Oxide Flow Sensor Ring Oscillator Sacrificial Layer Thermal Uniformity 
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We would like to thank all the PhD students, senior researchers, and professors who have actively participated to the simulation and experimental results presented in this chapter: Mr. N. André, Mr. B. Olbrechts, Mr. B. Rue, Mr. Olivier Bulteel, Mr. R. Pampin, Dr. L. Moreno Hagelsieb, Dr. X. Tang, Dr. P. Ivanov, Dr. J. Laconte, Dr. F. Iker, Dr. G. Rinaldi, Prof. S. Demoustier-Champagne, Prof. I. Stiharu and Prof. T. Pardoen. We would like to also thank Mr. P. Simon (Welcome) for performing some of measurements, the UCL clean rooms technicians and engineers (Winfab) for their precious support during the processing of the SOI-MEMS. This research has been financially supported by the European Commission through Networks of Excellence: SINANO, NANOSIL and EuroSOI+, by Walloon Region: MEMSACOM, CAVIMA, NANOTIC, MINATIS, and the Communauté française de Belgique: Action Concertée de Recherche, ARC no. 05/10-330, Innovative technologies for physical and (bio)chemical nano-sensors.


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