Gate Modulated Resonant Tunneling Transistor (RT-FET): Performance Investigation of a Steep Slope, High On-Current Device Through 3D Non-Equilibrium Green Function Simulations

  • Aryan AfzalianEmail author
  • Jean-Pierre Colinge
  • Denis Flandre
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Performances of a new concept of nanoscale MOSFET, the gate modulated resonant tunneling (RT)-FET, are investigated through 3D non-equilibrium green function simulations enlightening the main physical mechanisms. Modulation by gate voltage of resonant tunneling states induced by channel and additional tunnel barrier(s) enables very low RT-limited Ioff current together with high thermionic Ion current. A region of subthreshold slope values as low as 45 mV/dec is achieved just below threshold, enabling a fast transition between off and on regimes. High Ion/Ioff current ratios with low voltage operation and good delay characteristics are predicted. The 10 nm Si RT nanowire investigated here could operate with a supply voltage as low as 0.5 V, Ion/Ioff > 104 (an order of magnitude improvement compared to a classical nanowire) and low leakage.



This material is based upon works supported by FNRS Belgium and by Science Foundation Ireland under Grant 05/IN/I888. This work was supported in part by the European Community (EC) Seventh Framework Program through the Networks of Excellence NANOSIL and EUROSOI+ under Contracts 216171 and 216373.


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  • Jean-Pierre Colinge
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  • Denis Flandre
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  2. 2.Tyndall National InstituteUniversity College CorkCorkIreland

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