A content-based tile retrieval system based on the underlying multispectral Markov random field representation is introduced. Single tiles are represented by our approved textural features derived from especially efficient Markovian statistics and supplemented with Local Binary Patterns (LBP) features representing occasional tile inhomogeneities. Markovian features are on top of that also invariant to illumination colour and robust to illumination direction variations, therefore an arbitrary illuminated tiles do not negatively influence the retrieval result. The presented computer-aided tile consulting system retrieves tiles from recent tile production digital catalogues, so that the retrieved tiles have as similar pattern and/or colours to a query tile as possible. The system is verified on a large commercial tile database in a psychovisual experiment.


content based image retrieval textural features colour tile classification 


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  • Michal Haindl
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  1. 1.Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the ASCRPragueCzech Republic

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