Secure Masks for Visual Cryptography

  • Jonathan Weir
  • WeiQi Yan
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Visual cryptography provides a very powerful technique by which one secret can be distributed into two or more pieces known as shares. When the shares are printed on transparencies and then superimposed exactly together, the original secret can be recovered without computer participation. In this paper, we take multiple secrets into consideration and generate a key share for all the secrets; correspondingly, we share each secret using this key share. The secrets are recovered when the key is superimposed on the combined share in different locations using the proposed scheme. Also discussed and illustrated within this paper is how to embed a share of visual cryptography into halftone and colour images. The remaining share is used as a key share in order to perform the decryption. It is also worth noting that no information regarding the secrets is leaked in any of our proposed schemes. We provide the corresponding results in this paper.


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