This paper presents an effective video steganography method to protect the transmitted biometric data for secure personal identification. Unlike the most of existing biometric data hiding methods, the hiding content in this work is an image set for guaranteeing the valid identification, but not a single image or feature vector. On the basis of human visual system (HVS) model, both inter-frame and intra-frame motion information are considered to make the hiding method more invisible and robust. Instead of embedding the data redundantly for resisting attacks, the biometric image set is embedded into the video sequence discretely using discrete wavelet transform (DWT). Specially, the sequence number of each frame is embedded into the corresponding frame as a watermark for detecting the integrity of stego-video and guaranteeing the exactly extraction of the biometric image set. Finally, the extracted image set is identified by the biometrics system. Extensive experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method can achieve perfect imperceptibility and good robustness, and guarantee the secure biometrics.


Video Steganography Human Visual System Discrete Wavelet Transform Biometrics 


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  • Cheng Lu
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