Managing ubiquitous scientific knowledge is a part of daily life for scholars, while it also becomes a hot topic in the Semantic Web research community. In this paper, we propose a SKO Types framework aiming to facilitate managing ubiquitous Scientific Knowledge Objects (SKO) driven by semantic authoring, modularization, annotation and search. SKO Types framework comprises SKO Metadata Schema, SKO Patterns and SKO Editor corresponding to metadata layer, ontology layer and interface layer respectively. SKO Metadata Schema specifies sets of attributes describing SKOs individually and relationally. SKO Patterns is a three-ontology based model in order to modularize scientific publications syntactically and semantically, while SKO Editor supplies a LaTex-like mark-up language and editing environment for authoring and annotating SKOs concurrently.


Resource Description Framework Semantic Search Semantic Match Metadata Schema Rhetorical Structure 
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