PoolParty: SKOS Thesaurus Management Utilizing Linked Data

  • Thomas Schandl
  • Andreas Blumauer
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 6089)


Building and maintaining thesauri are complex and laborious tasks. PoolParty is a Thesaurus Management Tool (TMT) for the Semantic Web, which aims to support the creation and maintenance of thesauri by utilizing Linked Open Data (LOD), text-analysis and easy-to-use GUIs, so thesauri can be managed and utilized by domain experts without needing knowledge about the semantic web. Some aspects of thesaurus management, like the editing of labels, can be done via a wiki-style interface, allowing for lowest possible access barriers to contribution. PoolParty can analyse documents in order to glean new concepts for a thesaurus. Additionally a thesaurus can be enriched by retrieving relevant information from Linked Data sources and thesauri can be imported and updated via LOD URIs from external systems and also can be published as new linked data sources on the semantic web.


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  • Thomas Schandl
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  • Andreas Blumauer
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