Carpathian Sustainability: Linking Local Actions and Regional Visions

  • Jacek KozakEmail author
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The Carpathians provide numerous opportunities for economic development, yet the pressure for rapid growth has to respect environmental and cultural values that require strict protection. Various stakeholders must therefore carefully plan their actions to avoid harmful effects on a multitude of services provided by the Carpathian ecoregion, looking for a compromise between demands and constraints. The chapter summarizes the content of this book section, focusing on complex facets of human activities in the Carpathians. The cultural landscape and biodiversity are the primary concern of the first five chapters, while tourism and local development are discussed in the remaining six. Two chapters deal with the Slovak part of the Carpathians, five examine the Polish region, and two represent a pan-Carpathian approach. Two studies were located in the Central European mountains outside the Carpathians.


Land Cover Change Tourism Development Cultural Landscape Sustainable Tourism Carpathian Mountain 
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