Results of Monitoring Torrent-Control Hydrotechnical Structures in the Cârcinov River Catchment

  • Nicu-Constantin TudoseEmail author
  • Mihai-Daniel Niţă
  • Ion Clinciu
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This study presents results of monitoring torrent-control hydrotechnical structures within the Cârcinov River catchment, which revealed the nature and frequency of events affecting the functioning of the structures. Among structure damages, the most common were: breakages (45), undermining of the body (16) and erosive damages (15). In the group of structure dysfunctionalities, the most common were: unsupervised installation of forest vegetation (48), clogging of the apron (19) and the deepening of the valley downstream the structure (16).


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This chapter was supported by the Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development, financed from the European Social Fund, and by the Romanian Government under the contract number POSDRU/6/1.5/S/6, and had a methodology support from ID_740/2008 research project financed by CNCSIS-UEFISCSU, in the frame of IDEI program. We thank Chris Reynolds and Alexandru Tudose for editorial suggestions to the paper.


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  • Nicu-Constantin Tudose
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    Email author
  • Mihai-Daniel Niţă
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  • Ion Clinciu
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  1. 1.Transilvania University BrasovBrasovRomania
  2. 2.Institute of Forest Research and ManagementBrasovRomania

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