Generic Technology Roadmap for Areas of Ecological and Environmental Technologies

  • Jingzhu Zhao


Modern scientific research has to rely on advanced scientific instruments and technological methods. The level of scientific research is increasingly dependent on the performance of scientific instruments and advanced technological methods. Currently, various disciplines keep on integrating and cross-cutting with each other, also keep differentiating from each other. Moreover, the integration time is earlier than before and the pace of integration is speeding up. Through multi-disciplinary cross, development of high-tech needs to make major breakthroughs in the following areas: sensor development based on physics, biology and chemistry; advanced chemistry and chemical engineering and materials science that promote green materials and processing technology and systems development; advanced rapid analysis techniques and technology of diagnosis of pollution; comprehensive applications of information technology and high-performance computing technology to enhance the levels of simulation, prediction and visualization technologies.

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  • Jingzhu Zhao
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  1. 1.Institute of Urban EnvironmentCASXiamenChina

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