Overview of Researches of Roadmaps and Plans for the Scientific and Technological Development in Relevant Fields in Foreign Countries

  • Jingzhu Zhao


Technology roadmap is an effective means for innovative management. It helps users to understand the development orientation of such field and key techniques for realization of objectives. Since technology roadmap was firstly applied in enterprises in the 1970s and 1980s, it has been widely utilized and developed in the scientific research as an innovative management tool. Research and drawing of technology roadmap are conducive to identifying the existing national ability of science and technology and the bottleneck that affects the future development. As a major basis for decision-making on planned investment and resource allocation, studies on roadmaps for the scientific and technological development focus on state priorities areas, promoting of scientific and technological innovation and the future consideration of the sustainable development of the national science and technology and social economy. Currently, many countries and international organizations have carried out researches of roadmaps for the scientific and technological development in fields related to ecological and environmental science, which can serve as references for strategic research of the roadmap.


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