Building Blocks of IEC 61131-3

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This chapter explains the meaning and usage of the main language elements of the IEC 61131-3 standard. These are illustrated by several examples from real life, with each example building upon the previous one.

The reader is introduced to the terms and ways of thinking of IEC 61131-3. The basic ideas and concepts are explained clearly and comprehensively without discussing the formal language definitions of the standard itself [IEC 61131-3].

The first section of this chapter gives a compact introduction to the conceptual range of the standard by means of an example containing the most important language elements and providing an overview of the methodology of PLC programming with IEC 61131-3.


Actual Parameter Variable Type Output Parameter Formal Parameter Data Block 
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  1. [IEC 61131-3]
    IEC 61131-3 Edition 2.0 (2003-01), TC/SC 65B, Programmable controllers - Part 3: Programming languages

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