Minimal Access Mitral Valve Surgery

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Surgical repair of the mitral valve has been performed for decades through a median sternotomy with excellent immediate and long-term results. Mitral valve repair offers improved survival over mitral valve replacement. Techniques of mitral valve repair have evolved greatly and allow repairing most of the degenerative and prolapsed valve including Barlow’s disease. In recent years, alternative incisions have explored minimally invasive approaches to the mitral valve with the help of video assistance. “Port-access” mitral valve surgery (video-assisted mitral valve surgery via a mini right thoracotomy) has rapidly been adopted by most minimal invasive team around the world and can offer mitral valve repair with equivalent quality as median sternotomy. Another tool has been introduced with the da Vinci robotic system (Intuitive Surgical Inc., Mountain view, California) which provides three-dimensional vision, magnification, miniaturized instruments, and mobility through seven degrees of freedom mimicking the human wrists.


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