General Aspects in Robotic Surgery

  • Franca M. A. MelfiEmail author
  • Federico Davini
  • Andrea Viti
  • Ralph Alexander Schmid
  • Alfredo Mussi


Recently, robots have been introduced into the surgical practice in an attempt to facilitate minimal invasive surgical performance. The three-dimensional view with depth perception is a marked improvement over the two-dimensional conventional thoracoscopic camera.

Combined with the increased degree of freedom and enhanced dexterity of the robotic arms, the surgeon’s ability is enhanced to render feasible surgical operations that are technically difficult or even impossible by using traditional minimally invasive techniques. Today, the surgical robotic system is the most advanced engineering technology in this field. This chapter describes general aspects, indications, advantages, and disadvantages of this new technique in thoracic surgery.


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  • Andrea Viti
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  • Ralph Alexander Schmid
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