Thoracoscopic Pulmonary Anatomic Segmentectomies

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  • Ricard Ramos
  • Emmanuel Brian


The number of publications about video-assisted and thoracoscopic lobectomies is although these procedures are still considered as technically difficult and their learning curve is steep. This observation is even more valid for anatomic segmentectomies. Few series of video-assisted pulmonary segmentectomies have been published and totally endoscopic – so-called complete VATS – segmentectomies are even more rare. Many different techniques of thoracoscopic major pulmonary resection have been described, depending on the use or non-use of an accessory mini-thoracotomy and on the use or non-use of endoscopic instrumentation and video display. One of these techniques is the totally endoscopic approach, in which only endoscopic instruments and monitor control are used. This is the technique that will be described in this chapter. By totally endoscopic we mean: 1) 100% video display, 2) no access incision and 3) only use of trocars and endoscopic instruments. The aim of this chapter is not to discuss the oncologic validity of segmentectomies for early stage lung carcinomas but to describe the technical aspects of totally endoscopic anatomic segmentectomies (TEAS) and their results.


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