Singular Boundary Points of Minimal Surfaces

  • Ulrich DierkesEmail author
  • Stefan Hildebrandt
  • Anthony J. Tromba
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The first section is devoted to the study of minimal surfaces in the neighbourhood of boundary branch points. The fundamental tool for dealing with this problem is the method of Hartman–Wintner which yields asymptotic expansions for complex-valued solutions f(w) of a differential inequality
$$|f_{\overline{w}}(w)|\leq c|w|^{-\lambda}|f(w)|\quad \mbox{on}\ B_{R}(0)$$
at the center w=0 of a disk B R (0)={w∈ℂ:|w|<R}, and more general, of expansions for vector-valued solutions X(w) of a differential inequality
$$|\Delta X(w)|\le c|w|^{-\lambda}\{|X(w)|+|\nabla X(w)|\}\quad \mbox{on}\ B_R(0)\ \mbox{at}\ w=0.$$
Such expansions are used in the preceding chapter. The remainder of the chapter deals with results by G. Dziuk investigating minimal surfaces at boundary points which are mapped onto vertices of fixed or free boundaries.


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