Control of Electrically Driven Robots

  • Wen-Hong Zhu
Part of the Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics book series (STAR, volume 60)


The control of single-arm robot manipulators is one of the mostly studied topics in robotics community. With respect to this very popular type of systems, the application of the virtual decomposition control (VDC) approach will be demonstrated in this chapter. In the first part, the control of single-arm robot manipulators in free motion is to be mainly focused by showing how a robot manipulator is virtually decomposed into several rigid links and joints and how the control design for each link or joint can be conducted independently from the rest of the manipulator, while ensuring the virtual stability of every subsystem necessarily needed to guarantee the stability of the entire robot. Three joint control modes, namely torque control mode, current control mode, and voltage control mode, are to be presented in detail. In the second part of the chapter, the force control issues will be exploited.


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