Cellular Biology of Nitrogen Metabolism and Signaling

  • Françoise Daniel-Vedele
  • Anne Krapp
  • Werner M. KaiserEmail author
Part of the Plant Cell Monographs book series (CELLMONO, volume 17)


This chapter summarizes major aspects of N-nutrition in plants. N distribution within a plant varies widely according to the organ, the development stage, and mostly to the environmental conditions. Within the cell, the different N forms are stored in different compartments and the pool sizes are controlled in contrasting manner. Plants can take up nitrate, ammonium, urea, and other organic N forms. Various transporters for these compounds have been characterized, and the localization and properties of these proteins give rise to a complex pattern of N fluxes within the plant. The further assimilation of nitrate is well described, but the in planta role of all proteins, as for example GS1 and GDH, is far from being evident. Some are involved in N remobilization which is an important N source for example during seed filling.

Regulation of N assimilation occurs at the transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels, and regulation of the different steps is highly coordinated. However, only very few molecular players are known. As a special case in N-signaling, NO, a side product of N assimilation, is considered in some detail.


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