• Mary Lou GuerinotEmail author
Part of the Plant Cell Monographs book series (CELLMONO, volume 17)


Fe deficiency commonly limits plant growth and crop yields. If the mechanisms of Fe uptake, distribution, and regulation were clearly understood, it might be feasible to engineer plants better able to grow in soils now considered marginal and to increase crop biomass in soils now in cultivation. Furthermore, plants that serve as better sources of this essential element would improve human nutrition because most people rely on plants as their dietary source of Fe. Here we review our current understanding of Fe homeostasis in plants, emphasizing the challenges of safely transporting and storing this essential redox-active metal.


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Work in my laboratory is supported by grants from the National Science Foundation (IBN-0344305; IBN-0419695; DBI-0606193), the National Institutes of Health (RO1 GM 078536), the Department of Energy (DE-FG-2-06ER15809) and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (5 P42 ES007373). I thank Christine Palmer for drawing the original figures on which the ones in this chapter are based.


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