Lunotriquetral and Extrinsic Ligaments Lesions Associated with Distal Radius Fractures

  • Didier FontèsEmail author


Distal radius fractures have a high incidence of associated lesions, and wrist arthroscopy is the most accurate assessment and surgical management of associated soft-tissue injuries such as lunotriquetral interosseous ligament (LTIO) and extrinsic ligaments (EL), which are observed at a high incidence rate (15–20% for LTIO and up to 70% for EL). Arthroscopic management can consist of a simple debridement, shrinkage, controlled reduction, and pinning or suturing of the ligaments. Currently, there is enough evidence in the literature to support the effectiveness and safety of arthroscopically-assisted repair of these ligaments contemporary with radius fracture management, especially for young athletes.


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