Nanostructured Functional Inorganic Materials Templated by Natural Substances

  • Yuanqing Gu
  • Jianguo HuangEmail author
Part of the Advanced Topics in Science and Technology in China book series (ATSTC)


Naturally-produced sophisticated hierarchal structures and the astonishing properties of biological substances are difficult to obtain artificially, even with the most technologically advanced synthetic methodologies. As the needs for the development of advanced materials with improved performance characteristics become increasingly important, the potential of natural substances for material design and fabrication is being actively explored. The combination of versatile synthetic chemical strategies and biological assemblies provides precise replication of natural substances with inorganic/organic matrices, resulting in man-made materials which memorize the initial biological structures. Natural substances provide tailored template structures to be transcribed by guest matrices, or direct the organization of guest substrates in a certain order. This chapter will give a brief review of the research done by means of biotemplate synthesis, which is an emerging, unique approach for the synthesis and organization of inorganic/organic micro- and nano-scale building blocks into well-defined architectures and hence functional bio-inspired materials.


Bacterial Cellulose Tobacco Mosaic Virus Natural Substance Atomic Layer Deposition Nanoparticle Array 
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