Metric Transforms of L1-Spaces

  • Michel Marie Deza
  • Monique Laurent
Part of the Algorithms and Combinatorics book series (AC, volume 15)


Let (X,d) be a distance space and let F: ℝ+ → ℝ+ be a function such that F(0) = 0. We define the distance space (X,F(d)) by setting
$$F{\left( d \right)_{ij}} = F\left( {{d_{ij}}} \right)\;for\;all\;i,j \in X.$$
Following Blumenthal [1953], (X,F(d)) is called a metric transform of (X,d). A general question is to find nontrivial functions F which preserve certain properties, such as metricity, L 1- or L 2-embeddability, of the original distance space.


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