Portals for Service Oriented Infrastructures

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Grid portals enable collaborative environments aiming to provide simple and common Web interfaces to heterogeneous Grid resources and services. However, special factors must be taken into consideration when creating portal applications for business environments. This chapter discusses the approach taken by the Portals technical area of the BEinGRID project, which resulted in the implementation of four software components that address security, user management, file management and management of computational jobs through Grid portals. The components, which were integrated in the Vine Toolkit framework—a collection of Java libraries and User Interfaces for developing Grid applications, are characterised by innovative features that aim to promote the overall business processes and comprise an important improvement towards the business adoption of the Grid. The chapter discusses in detail the technical and business aspects of the components and presents examples of their usage in commercial environments.


Role Base Access Control Portal Application Portal Container Globus Toolkit File Management 
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