Approach Towards Technical Innovations for Service Oriented Infrastructures and Clouds

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The chapter describes the approach used by BEinGRID for delivering technical innovations for Service Oriented Infrastructures. In Sect. 2.2 the methodology to produce the technical innovation is introduced, then the fundamental concepts, Technical requirement. Common Technical Requirements, Common Capability, Generic Components and Validation Scenario are defined and discussed. In Sect. 2.3 the knowledge flow in the project between the different technical and business expert teams to achieve an innovation delivery process is presented. The elicitation of the common technical requirements and the thematic are deeply introduced in the following sections. The modelling phase with prioritisation of common technical requirements, common capabilities, design templates, design patterns and generic components are parts of the workflow and described in Sects. 2.3.3 and 2.3.4. At the end of the chapter an introduction to the structure of the book is given.


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