Introduction to Continuum Physics

  • Constantine M. DafermosEmail author
Part of the Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften book series (GL, volume 325)


In continuum physics, material bodies are modeled as continuous media whose motion and equilibrium is governed by balance laws and constitutive relations. The list of balance laws identifies the theory, for example mechanics, thermomechanics, electrodynamics, etc. The referential (Lagrangian) and the spatial (Eulerian) formulation of the typical balance law will be presented. The balance laws of mass, momentum, energy, and the Clausius-Duhem inequality, which demarcate continuum thermomechanics, will be recorded. The type of constitutive relation encodes the nature of material response. The constitutive equations of thermoelasticity and thermoviscoelasticity will be introduced. Restrictions imposed by the Second Law of thermodynamics, the principle of material frame indifference, and material symmetry will be discussed.


Constitutive Relation Deformation Gradient Constitutive Function Spatial Description Dissipation Inequality 
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