Genuinely Nonlinear Systems of Two Conservation Laws

  • Constantine M. DafermosEmail author
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The theory of solutions of genuinely nonlinear, strictly hyperbolic systems of two conservation laws will be developed in this chapter at a level of precision comparable to that for genuinely nonlinear scalar conservation laws, expounded in Chapter XI. This will be achieved by exploiting the presence of coordinate systems of Riemann invariants and the induced rich family of entropy-entropy flux pairs. The principal tools in the investigation will be generalized characteristics and entropy estimates. The analysis will reveal a close similarity in the structure of solutions of scalar conservation laws and pairs of conservation laws. Thus, as in the scalar case, jump discontinuities are generally generated by the collision of shocks and/or the focusing of compression waves, and are then resolved into wave fans approximated locally by the solution of associated Riemann problems. The total variation of the trace of solutions along space-like curves is controlled by the total variation of the initial data, and spreading of rarefaction waves affects total variation, as in the scalar case.


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