BPM 3.0

  • August-Wilhelm Scheer
  • Joerg Klueckmann
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Business Process Management (BPM) is an established management discipline. Since today’s organizations expect every employee to think and act like an entrepreneur, i.e., like a manager, BPM is also increasingly becoming part of everyday operations. But merely adopting a process-based approach across the enterprise is not enough to enable BPM at every level. What is needed is a combination of organizational forms and technologies that support distributed BPM initiatives while simultaneously consolidating them company-wide. Every employee must be empowered to model and optimize their own processes. At the same time, the entire BPM community needs a platform that brings together all the individual initiatives. This is the only way to leverage the full potential of process-oriented management. In the following article, the authors describe the trends in BPM development that are turning users into process managers and supporting the creation of a BPM community.


Business Process Management Governance Community Crowdsourcing 


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