Statistical Methods for Cryptography

  • Alfredo RizziEmail author
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In this note, after recalling certain results regarding prime numbers, we will present the following theorem of interest to cryptography: Let two discrete s.v.’s (statistical variable) X, Y assume the value: 0, 1, 2, , m − 1. Let X be uniformly distributed, that is, it assumes the value \(i(i = 0,1,\ldots ,m - 1)\) with probability 1 ∕ m and let the second s.v. Y assume the value i with probability \(({p}_{i}\,:\,\sum\limits_{i=1}^{m-1}{p}_{i} =\ 1,{p}_{i}\,\geq \,0)\). If the s.v. \(Z = X + Y\) (mod m) is uniformly distributed and m is a prime number, at least one of the two s. v. X and Y is uniformly distributed.


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