e-Business in the Construction Sector: A Service Oriented Approach

  • Valentín Sánchez
  • Iñaki Angulo
  • Sonia Bilbao
Part of the Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing book series (LNBIP, volume 37)


The e-NVISION project ( aims to develop and validate an innovative e-Business platform for the SMEs allowing them: to model and adapt in their organizations particular business scenarios requested by their customers and suppliers; to integrate all their enterprise applications following a service-oriented architecture; and to incorporate legal, economical and social services offered by external organizations. This paper provides an overview of the results of the project regarding the definition, implementation and validation of external and integration services within the e-Business platform. The overview includes details on the construction sector e-Business scenarios, the service-oriented techniques used, open issues surrounding actual implementations and applications, and the lessons learned in the field.


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  • Valentín Sánchez
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  • Iñaki Angulo
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  • Sonia Bilbao
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