Development of Realistic Haptic Presentation Media

  • Yasushi Ikei
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 5622)


This paper describes the development toward a realistic haptic presentation media—the haptic displays for surface textures. The display utilizes vibratory simulation that is efficient for cutaneous sensation. First, the characteristics of frequency mixture stimulation are demonstrated in terms of the amplitude modulation and the additive synthesis of 250 Hz and 50 Hz where the sensitivity of human skin takes peaks due to inherent mechanoreceptors. As a part of elucidation, the perception of 50 Hz under 250 Hz stimulation and its hardness sensation were measured. The amplitude modulation was more suitable for its small absolute limen while the additive synthesis was for softer sensation. In addition, the tactile/proprioceptive hybrid haptic display was investigated in terms of 3D texture perception. Spatial textures on surfaces of an icosahedron were matched and identified at about three levels of perception difficulty. Textures were discriminated moderately despite limited stimulators that suggested proper improvement.


Haptic texture display Frequency mixture Sensation scaling Texture discrimination/identification 


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