Nine Assistant Guiding Methods in Subway Design – A Research of Shanghai Subway Users

  • Linong Dai
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 5612)


In big cities, it often occurs that passengers (users) have great difficulties to recognize subway stations. Except improving the signs of subway stations, based on large amounts of field researches, we find 9 practical and effective methods to help passengers to identify subway stations. These 9 methods include visual design, aural design, and tactual design etc. This paper also tries to apply some theories of cognitive psychology about human memory in the research of subways. These methods are also applicable to other space design in subway and even general underground space design.


User Research Subway Station Quick-Identification 


  1. Li, J., Tang, Y., Qu, L., Zhang, D., Chen, R., Yao, Z., Xi, W., Zhou, X., Ren, H., Yu, L., Zhao, Z.: All the data in this paper is from the PRP Creative Project of Shanghai Jiaotong University (Serial Number: PRP-C10067) and National Creative Experience Project of College Students (Serial Number: ITP040). Project team members include the graduate and under-graduate students as followsGoogle Scholar

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