Fruit Crops

  • Magda-Viola HankeEmail author
  • Henryk Flachowsky
Part of the Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry book series (AGRICULTURE, volume 64)


Fruit crops play an important role in the human diet. Because of their ingredients fruits are very healthy and protective against a number of diseases. They are known to contain several health-promoting components, such as vitamins, essential minerals, antioxidants and prebiotics (fibers). The per capita recommended intake of fruits and vegetables is about 400 g day –1 . The total world need(about 390 million t year –1 ) can only be covered by planting productive cultivars. Unfortunately, most of the established cultivars do not meet all of the existing requirements. Plant breeders are therefore searching for new and better-adapted cultivars, but the requirements for a new cultivar are very high. Classic breeding strategies often reach their limits because they are time-consuming and expensive. Genetic engineering offers an exciting tool to make breeding faster, more directed and cost-efficient. This chapter intends to summarize all the activities performed in recent years to establish gene transfer technologies on fruit crop species in the world. The chapter includes most of the relevant studies done on the economically most important temperate, subtropical and tropical species. Beside the botanical classification and the economical importance of each species, this chapter presents a review of all the established transformation and selection methods and the agronomically important traits on which the international scientific community are focusing. Several ongoing projects which are may be of relevance in future are also discussed, such as the development of cisgenic plants or the use of early-flowering GM plants to speed up breeding cycles in woody plants. Furthermore, this chapter summarizes the number and aims of field trials performed in Europe and in the United States and the few cases in which GM fruit crops have already been successfully placed into the market.


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