Optimizer and Scheduling for the Community Data Warehouse Architecture

  • Rogério Luís de Carvalho Costa
  • Ricardo Antunes
  • Pedro Furtado
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 225)


In today’s internet-connected data driven world, the demand on high performance data management systems is progressively growing. The data warehouse (DW) concept has evolved from a centralized local repository into a broader concept that encompasses a community service with unique storage and processing capabilities. This increase in popularity has lead to the appearance of new DWarchitectures and optimizations. In this chapter we propose two key inter-related enabler technologies for this vision: a parallel query optimizer which is able to optimize queries in any parallel DW independently of the underlying database management system (DBMS), and a scheduling approach for Grid DWs, which decides in which Grid site a query should be executed.We experimentally prove that the approaches allow the community Data Warehouse to work efficiently.


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  • Ricardo Antunes
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  • Pedro Furtado
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