Analytical Trial Function Method II — Singular Elements with Crack and Notch

  • Song Cen
  • Zhi-Fei Long


This chapter continues to discuss the analytical trial function method. Here, the analytical trial function method is applied to develop the singular hybrid elements with crack and notch for the analysis of the crack and notch problems. During the analysis, the singular hybrid element is collocated in the region around the tips of the crack and notch, while the conventional displacement-based elements are used in the periphery region. Furthermore, this chapter also gives detailed discussions on the convergence of the singular element, zero energy mode, and improvement for the iteration solution method of eigenvalues. From the contents of this chapter and the previous chapter, it can be seen that, in the analytical trial function method, analytical and discrete methods can complement each other; and as a result, some challenging problems existing in FEM can be successfully solved.


finite element analytical trial function method singular element crack notch 


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  • Song Cen
    • 1
  • Zhi-Fei Long
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  2. 2.School of Mechanics & Civil EngineeringChina University of Mining & TechnologyBeijingChina

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