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  • Lars Hörmander
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A great variety of techniques have been developed during the long history of the theory of linear differential equations with variable coefficients. In this book we shall concentrate on those which have dominated during the latest phase. As a reminder that other earlier techniques are sometimes available and that they may occasionally be preferable, we have devoted the introductory Chapter XVII mainly to such methods in the theory of second order differential equations. Apart from that Volumes III and IV are intended to develop systematically, with typical applications, the three basic tools in the recent theory. These are the theory of pseudo-differential operators (Chapter XVIII), Fourier integral operators and Lagrangian distributions (Chapter XXV), and the underlying symplectic geometry (Chapter XXI). In the choice of applications we have been motivated mainly by the historical development. In addition we have devoted considerable space and effort to questions where these tools have proved their worth by giving fairly complete answers.

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