The following paper describes a measurement project to measure and evaluate the software application systems of a financial services provider. Due to several mergers the cooperation had accumulated over the years more than 75 million lines of code in several different programming languages. The goal of the project was to determine the size, complexity and quality of the different systems and to evaluate their potential reuse. Not only the program source, but also the database schemas, the JCL procedures and the user interface maps had to be analyzed. For this purpose a metric database was established. In the measurement project three related tools were used. The tool SoftAudit was deployed to measure the code. The tool SoftEval was used to aggregate the measurement data in a metric database and to evaluate it. The tool SoftCalc was used to calculate the costs of various strategic alternatives. The paper focuses on the problems and solutions associated with such a massive measurement effort of large code bases.


Code measurement size complexity and quality metrics metric database metric evaluation ISO-9126 


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