Criteria to Compare Cloud Computing with Current Database Technology

  • Jean-Daniel Cryans
  • Alain April
  • Alain Abran
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After Google published their first paper on their software infrastruc-ture in October 2003, the open-source community quickly began working on similar free solutions. Yahoo! is now able to process terabytes of data daily using Hadoop, which is a scalable distributed file system and an open-source implementation of Google’s MapReduce. HBase, a distributed database that uses Hadoop, enables the reliable storage of structured data, just like Google’s Bigtable which powers applications like Google Maps and Google Analytics, to name only two. Many companies are tempted to use these technologies, but it is currently difficult to compare today’s systems with systems built on top of HBase. This paper presents this new technology and, a list of proposed comparison elements to existing database technology as well as proposed comparison assessment criteria.


Cloud Computing Bigtable HBase Hadoop 


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  • Alain April
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  • Alain Abran
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