Imitation Models

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“Modeling” and “Simulation” are frequently used as synonyms. In computational heat transfer (CHT) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) communities, however, the former usually refers to the development or modification of a model while the latter is reserved for its application [4].1 The straightforward use of the model is referred to as a direct problem. From a practical point of view, the reversed formulation could be more useful: how one should place cryoprobes to provide the destruction of the malignant tissues while keeping healthy organs intact. This inverse problem is, unfortunately, ill-conditioned (or not-well-posed) and its solution requires some kind of regularization [992] that frequently is just the restriction on the space of possible solutions.

The necessary stages of the code development are verification (an assessment of the correctness of the model implementation) and validation (an assessment of the adequacy of the model to the real world) [825].


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