Geographic Perspectives of Invasions in the Sea

  • Jeffrey A. Crooks
  • Gil Rilov
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 204)

In this section, geographic perspectives of invasions from coastal waters around the world are presented. These include invasion assessments from Africa (Chap. 23, Griffiths and Robinson), Australasia (Chap. 24, Hayden et al.; Chap. 25, Sliwa et al.), South America (Chap. 26, Castilla and Neill; Chap. 27, Ferreira et al.), the eastern United States (Chap. 28, Fofonoff et al.), Europe (Chap. 29, Gollasch et al.; Chap. 30, Leppäkoski et al.), the Mediterranean (Chap. 31, Rilov and Galil), and Korea/China (Chap. 32, Seo and Lee). The section concludes with a synthesis comparing estuarine versus coastal invasions across multiple regions (Chap. 33, Preisler et al.). These case histories represent a sampling of a growing set of invader assessments, including examples from the west coast of North America (Cohen and Carlton 1995), the Azores (Cardigos et al. 2006), Argentina and Uruguay (Orensanz et al. 2002), and Japan (Otani 2004, 2006).


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