The European Union and Regional Trade Agreements

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Part of the European Yearbook of International Economic Law book series (EUROYEAR, volume 1)


The European Community currently has 24 regional trade agreements (RTAs) in force, a further eight agreed but not yet in force and eleven under negotiation.1 Many of these agreements are with regional groupings of countries and so the number of countries covered by EC RTAs is already considerable and likely to grow.2 They range from customs union agreements with neighbouring micro-States in Europe such as San Marino or Andorra, to the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) with the candidate State Croatia, the development-oriented Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the Cariforum States and the free trade agreement with Mexico. They differ both in their ambition and coverage and in the degree to which the trade provisions are embedded in other non-trade and non-economic provisions. Although relatively few currently include substantial commitments in respect of services, a number of projected agreements will include services and the extension of some existing RTA commitments to services is also under negotiation.


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