DNA methylation plays an important role in gene regulation. In order to gain a better understanding of the rules governing this epigenetic modification, we have used microarray technology to map DNA methylation in the human genome. This analysis has helped decipher the DNA sequences involved in setting up the basic global methylation pattern in the early embryo and has revealed the full range of methylation changes that occur in a programmed manner during development. These studies also help explain how specific CpG island genes are targeted for de novo methylation in cancer.

About the keynote speaker. Dr. Howard Cedar was born in New York, received a B.Sc. degree in mathematics from M.I.T. and M.D., Ph.D. degrees from N.Y.U. After an internship he continued as a Public health fellow at the N.I.H. In 1973 he immigrated to Israel where he became a full Professor of Molecular Biology in 1981. Dr. Cedar has received a number of awards including the Israel Prize and the Wolf Prize for Medicine, and is a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences.

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