De Novo Sequencing of Nonribosomal Peptides

  • Nuno Bandeira
  • Julio Ng
  • Dario Meluzzi
  • Roger G. Linington
  • Pieter Dorrestein
  • Pavel A. Pevzner
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While nonribosomal peptides (NRPs) are of tremendous pharmacological importance, there is currently no technology capable of high-throughput sequencing of NRPs. Difficulties in sequencing NRPs slow down the progress in elucidating the non-ribosomal genetic code and negatively affect various screening programs aimed at the discovery of natural compounds of medical importance. We propose to employ multi-stage mass-spectrometry (MS n ) for the data acquisition, followed by alignment-based heuristic algorithms for data analysis. Since mass spectrometry based analysis of NRPs is fast and inexpensive, this approach opens the possibility of high-throughput sequencing of many unknown NRPs accumulated in large screening programs.


Cyclic Peptides Sequencing De novo Algorithm 


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  • Julio Ng
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  • Dario Meluzzi
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  • Roger G. Linington
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  • Pieter Dorrestein
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  • Pavel A. Pevzner
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