OCT in Laryngology

  • A. B. Terentéva
  • A. V. Shakhov
  • A. V. Maslennikova
  • N. D. Gladkova
  • V. A. Kamensky
  • F. I. Feldchtein
  • N. M. Shakhova
Part of the Biological and Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering book series (BIOMEDICAL)

Issues involving the diagnostics and treatment of laryngeal pathologies are currently becoming more and more important from medical and social viewpoints. This is related to a continued increase in the incidence of laryngeal pathologies in general and cancer-related in particular [1].

Using conservative treatment methods combined with modern technologies allows us not only to adequately remove a pathological lesion, but also to preserve the organ functions to the maximum extent [2–4]. In this case, the inadequate diagnostics or staging inevitably increases the risk of continuing growth, recurrence, or metastasis of the tumor. In addition, the adequate diagnostic ideally should not be limited to the initial diagnostics stage, but instead has to be available throughout the treatment process, including intraoperative guidance. The treatment efficacy is significantly dependent upon the quality of the diagnostics, including type, extent, and stage of the pathological process.


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  • A. V. Shakhov
  • A. V. Maslennikova
  • N. D. Gladkova
  • V. A. Kamensky
  • F. I. Feldchtein
  • N. M. Shakhova

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