Modeling Light–Tissue Interaction in Optical Coherence Tomography Systems

  • P. E. Andersen
  • T. M. Jørgensen
  • L. Thrane
  • A. Tycho
  • H. T. Yura
Part of the Biological and Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering book series (BIOMEDICAL)

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) has developed rapidly since its potential for applications in clinical medicine was first demonstrated in 1991 [1]. OCT performs high-resolution, cross-sectional tomographic imaging of the internal microstructure in materials and biologic systems by measuring backscattered or backreflected light.

The scope of this chapter is to present analytical and numerical models that are able to describe the performance of OCT systems, including multiple scattering effects in heterogeneous media. Such models, where the contribution to the OCT signal from multiple scattering effects is taken into account, are essential for the understanding and in turn optimization of OCT systems. An analytical model based on the extended Huygens–Fresnel (EHF) principle meeting these requirements is presented here. A novel MC analysis is presented in order to handle the modeling of heterodyne/coherent detection OCT systems with a radiative transfer type photon packet MC approach. Using this MC model results are obtained, which validate the EHF model. In general, these models, analytical as well as numerical, may serve as important tools for improving interpretation of OCT images.


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  • T. M. Jørgensen
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  • A. Tycho
  • H. T. Yura

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