Anonymous Context Based Role Activation Mechanism

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  • Bruce Christianson
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I’m going to talk about some of the work that Partha has done for his PhD dissertation. There’s lots more in there, and if you want to read the hardback edition just get in touch with Partha, but what I’m going to talk about today is the bit concerned with anonymous context-based role activation, and anonymous delegation. The protocols we’ll be looking at use surrogates in various forms, but that’s not essential to the plot. I hope to convince you that doing these things anonymously is not only feasible, but can actually be done maintaining auditability and accountability. This approach allows us to separate identity management from trust management, which has the good consequence of allowing us to localise trust in the system infrastructure. That is a good thing — and therefore these mechanisms are useful — even when anonymity isn’t a requirement at all, and we all know perfectly well who everyone is.


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